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++ Ultra Sonic
Wireless Radio
+USB Charging

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Raacked is an amazing tool! Here is how it works. Just 3 steps and your on your way!

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Connect Device

Place the mounting strap on your preferred rack location. be sure to keep the sensor head free of obstructions.

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Configure it

Adjust the clamp to your rack accordingly. Then set the desired height for the sensor.

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Yay! Done.

Congratulations, you're all set! Raacked will function automatically while you drive!


Below are some highlights.

Water Resistant

Raacked operates in all weather. Just remember to wipe the snow and dirt of the Ultrasonic Sensor!


Raacked detects items from 4ft. to 12ft. away with a variable toggle switch! Your gear on your vehicle racks just became more secure while parking!

Security first

An extra dose of security above and behind your vehicle is what you need while parking. Secure your personal items with Raacked!

Innovative idea

Get on board with a novel tool. Raacked was designed for vehicles with racks and those that transport gear on vehicle racks! Raacked is truly a step in the right direction.

Save Money

Replacing damaged equipment or Repairing damaged property doesn't save money! Raacked sounds alerts notifying the driver of obstructions while parking to keep your gear safe.

Proven technology

Raacked uses proven and trusted technology to alert and notify passengers and drivers. Raacked is bringing safety to new heights!

Fast and secure

Place Raacked on your preferred vehicle rack location and drive! Park with confidence!


Receive well informed alerts to make educated responses. Drive with confidence when approaching obstacles.


The preservation of your equipment and gear is important! Raacked has you covered when parking your vehicle.

Multi Point Security

Raacked can be placed anywhere on your vehicle rack to provide multiple security points while parking!

Designed for you

Raacked is a tool for every vehicle with a rack! No more guessing if your vehicle will fit into an area. Raacked is designed for you!

Any time Any place

Raacked is ready out of the box and will work any time of day and in any location. Raacked is ready for it all!

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Raacked is for all recreational activities that require some form of external mounted vehicle transportation. Raacked covers many needs and activities from camping, cycling, winter and water activities.

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Get Raacked

Raacked was created with safety in mind. Raacked is a Ultrasonic Modular proximity sensor that wirelessly notifies the vehicle driver when an obstruction approaches above or behind a vehicle

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Bringing Safety to New Heights

Protect your all your recreational equipment from obstructions like garages, drive thru’s, gas stations or other vehicles while parking. Raacked takes away the anxiety of parking and allows the driver to focus on other important matters.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

How does it work?

Raacked uses LiDAR to detect obstructions, then wirelessly communicates to the receiver. You’ll immediately find the value in Raacked!

Is Raacked weather proof?

Yes! Raacked is durable and can operate in all weather. Well...Lava and meteor showers could be a problem, so stay away from those elements.

Will Raacked fit my cargo rack?

Raacked can fit most popular vehicle racks. It has an adjustable mounting bracket that can fit most popular top and rear mounted racks.

Does Raacked detect everything?

Raacked has a variable range button that allows the user to detect items between 1 and 12 feet. Raacked detects all items that are within it's variable range settkng.

When can I purchase Raacked?

You will be able to purchase Raacked through the Kickstarter page and then through the Raacked website once Kickstarter is completed.

Is Raacked awesome!

YES! But you don't need me to tell you that Raacked is an amazing device that will save you money, time and heartache! Get Raacked!


We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

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Janneh Merritt

Founder and CEO


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

May 2018

Mass Production

23 February 2018

Testing Pre-Production Samples

23 July 2017

Croudfunding Campaign

Click Kickstarter campaign link above to learn more and most importantly, become a Kickstarter Backer!

23 May 2016

3D Prototype & Testing

23 JAN 2016

Research & Development

23 April 2014

Patent Acquired