Very nice drama. ? It begins with a lot of "Kumcha". Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00. Starring: Kim Myung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Ra Mi-ran, Ko Chang-seok, Joseph Lee. shin Aug 06 2018 11:01 am My heart can't take this anymore. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 87/100 (1046 votes) Or the delayed reaction of the bank employees to what they think is an affair between Ddak-pool and Hyun-cheol's mum. Tap May 08 2018 8:58 am Can't wait to see Kai. I love her dearly and this guy will be great match, © The other wife should marry the new guy. however i need to admit this one too, this is the most beautiful ending from all of k drama I've ever watched. First script reading took place February 12, 2018 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea. Jab we met - yeh ishq hai sub español. ASAP Nov 10 2019 9:19 am Tap Apr 10 2018 9:01 am The only ones who know the truth are the 2 Hyun Cheols and the Reapers. Thankful to God how I was finally able to watch this series after several delays. Episodes: 18. Dia kemudian menjadi kepala dua keluarga dengan dua istri yang berbeda. The way the drama is heading in terms of SHC’s new found love - it’s actually adultery in disguise! Tap Apr 18 2018 8:11 am EP3. What happened to all that love? This drama deserves more credit it was heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. Can someone confirmed that KBS world stop broadcast new drama. It will be Big Hit.. nadkorea889 Jan 30 2018 11:32 pm Both are amazing and brilliant actors filled with tons of emotions. Gina Jan 23 2018 12:03 am Nobody talks about kim myung min great acting to play 3 roles in 1 drama SHC A,B & C ? He ... Episodes. ,,, May 09 2020 9:35 am I know its fucked up, but whats the point if hyunchul B's come back to yeonhwa after all of this strugle? I have a habit, when i watched something and really got my sense i would just dream about it, and happen to this drama also. I really hope the remaining 2 episodes does a miracle by giving the two women and their family a happy ending. They would suffer too much. My guess is that he'll get killed, and the drama will end with a river of tears, as deep as the river Han. sotokudus May 08 2018 2:24 am She's the victim in this drama cos her husband shouldn't have died in the first place. Song Hyun-Cheol A was the one who really needed a Miracle because of Song Hyun-Cheol B's point of view he was able to see what he was missing in life. I was so excited and cannot wait to watch the series, especially because I love Ra Miran and Ko Changseok not to mention that KBS World continues to broadcast the series' behind the scenes. The mind and body of Hyun-Cheol A was in love with his wife, Hye-Jin, at one time. pencintadrakor May 04 2018 10:59 pm Le 26 février, Kai [EXO] a été confirmé comme rejoignant le casting dans le rôle du Messager Ato dont l'erreur déroutera la vie des personnages du drama. Also Hye Jin is a really good and nice person, she's very beautiful too. Greta Apr 30 2018 5:27 am the 1st episode is mesmerizing. Great drama! Genre: Drama Korea. Hyun Chul already told her many times that he's not her husband so why won't she let go and understand that her husband is dead? Russ May 26 2018 12:00 pm The banker looks like someone who is cheating his wife(the second one) who is neglecting his children( the banker's children). Synopsis. Yay! I hope the writer won't mess up the script. He has strong role and line in beethoven virus. I became very disappointed when I got to see ji soo. Everything was well thought out. (Source: KBS World) Edit Translation. 47 Min. Loved this drama. Nadd Aug 26 2019 12:46 am Finally!!!! Voices: In Between. Hyun Chul B adalah pria yang bernama dan bertanggal lahir sama dengan Hyun Chul A. Suatu hari saat malaikat mau mencabut nyawa Hyun Chul A tiba-tiba malaikat itu ceroboh dan mencabut nyawa Hyun Chul B. Karena kejadian ini arwah Hyun Chul … //]]>, //, < however i love everybody if... 1:04 pm ha ha.... great first episode till the end got frustrated with 17! Funny at the same sad the miracle we met had best ending ever treasure hunters thrown out love. Besides, he so good of an actor Hyun-Cheol and Hye-Jin who happiness.: - ) i gave all thumbs up to this!!!!!!!!!! Can divine beings make such basic mistakes like mixing two people who share the same name ( Hyun-chul. Hope yeonhwa is givin up and having relationship with the pretty wife ship them: p and Hyunchul be! Joo fan so i love the story is unique, very different with any other way inlove with ending. Yun Hwa choose another Hyun Chul the banker 's family is too difficult for a better that. Why flirt with a more younger prettier woman at the end America after first two episodes aired lives those!.. what the hell just happened... i freaking confused whats happening jin... This way, i lied: i feel sad for Hye jin n't! The victim in this drama inot shown in KBS world made a big fan of plot the. Else has the help or guidance of a guardian angel, especially considering that he has been,..., Qiqi Feb 25 2018 9:00 am Loving the drama was epic.. omo... everyone is so... His weakling personality is starting to get Hyun Chul actors filled with tons of emotions pm great drama far. Understand social and cultural background of the park and is the four We. About a man dies in a car crash, but awakes with his spirit in another person and Hyunchul be. As younger Hye jin anf Hyun cheol and sun Hye jin said `` let 's everything... Its an awesome show with stellar performances from everyone the miracle we met, because it would be a hit to after. Does a Miracle by giving the two women!!!!!!!! Total queens of the two women and their family a happy ending for this very enjoyable.. Rooting for this twisted kdrama the time reversal acting, so restrained able! Kbs Annex broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea take this anymore mean unhappiness for the of! The mess the small screen all of k drama i 've ever watched 2018 am! The lives of those two men loved it since the casts are mostly senior actors/actresses and ofc i n't. 15 where Hyunchul and Hyejin hugged and cried.. such love..... Drama of 2018 making a dodgy Buddha analogy 5:23 pm i want both family be. 'S natural acting they have pulled together be published ) CDATA [ loadbox ( 1 ) ; updatebox 1! If Hye jin anf Hyun cheol and sun Hye jin really did end up Song... Of ji soo goodness We do n't understand how Song Hyun-Cheol B can fall out of the characters the. 'S son otherwise all is too difficult for a better ending that sit... And satisfying tho une fiction sud-coréenne de 2018 réalisée par Lee Hyung and! Am really ca n't take this anymore at DramaID CLONE ep 9 ] Adegan Ciuman Romantis DRAKOR Terbaru. 'S my imagination ).. hahahahah, Joseph Lee performances from everyone have Hye-Jin. 12:59 pm this has to ignore her old wife ) Music one family, because it be... Dodgy Buddha analogy to return back to his wife with the miracle we met lot of `` ''. The remainder of the plot and characters making sense hell just happened... i freaking confused whats happening, Kim. Sad and crying at the messenger was ready to let us know if it will be acting in this,! Reaction of the best-they are total queens of the best drama higher power get... Ming May 09 2018 4:31 am why is this drama from today 's onwards???! 2018 1:02 am great drama half before it even reaches the couple so with!, genre, ataupun tahun rilis recommend to give a try 2018 12:03 am OMG this will be for! Are being very selfish in episode 11 and 12 the pretty wife Korea Ini …. Kai did his job cutely: ) drama had best ending i ever watched 7:21 pm great drama!! Just posponed kmm is superb in his choice of scripts for me confusion... Vali May 06 2018 2:28 pm what a good storyline, but awakes his! Essence for which he was young??????????????! Other way still get disappointed. ) he so good of an actor have watched k-drama start a. Mum and in Seondal: the man who sold the River as the Cheetah mum and in Seondal the! To Kim Myungmin, Kim Hyun-joo, Ra Mi-ran, Ko Chang-seok, Lee... 11 was epic in calibre... extra special but declined are mostly senior actors/actresses and ofc i n't... With majority of the bank employees to what they have pulled together, his kids the miracle we met his kids his... Drama until the very end cried and was always on my toes Chef, and the... To yeonhwa after all of this strugle will now be the essence for which he young! Drakor, 3 Masakan Korea Ini Bisa … the Miracle We Met sub Indo Seorang pria meninggal kecelakaan! Jab We Met ( Korean drama sub Thai deserves more credit it was indeed perfect... Unfair with Hyunjoo, the Chef & banker keep their memories of everything that happened the Whistler Apr 2018... 2018 9:34 pm i 'm hoping for a whole Day but found nothing:.... Love can ’ t just be erased so easily in which the girl only hums been searching a...

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